Grateful Return Client

I have had several procedures done by Dr. Collini and his staff. Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast implants, ear tucked back and some other smaller surgeries. I also get Botox and filler as needed. I am currently scheduled to have my upper eyelids done as well.BrdWDIXCcAALOlt-compressor

     People often judge those who choose to have plastic surgery in a negative way. In the beginning, I hid the fact that I have had “work done” now I am open about it. People are going to judge no matter what. Fact is people will also judge you on your looks! Of course no one will admit to it but I know first-hand. What I would really like to talk about is how plastic surgery has impacted my life. I am more confident, I love my picture being taken, I rock a bikini, love dressing up in form fitting clothes!!! Those who judge don’t understand how low self-esteem affects a person’s life.

     All due to having plastic surgery I have improved my life style! I was overweighting not due to my eating habits but due to medication side effects. I tried every diet and starving myself nothing worked. After I decided to go off my medications for anxiety and depression, I had a tummy tuck and liposuction. Results were amazing I went from a size 14 to 8. Almost 5 years later I am a size 4-6 depending how clothes are made. YES!!!! I continue to look better and better every day. Again the better you feel about yourself the more positive choices you will make.

      At 43 years old I look better than I did when I was 30 years old!!! I have NEVER had any complications or infections, and every surgery has yielded better results than I ever dreamed of! Dr. Collini and his staff are professionals, who treat you with the upmost respect and kindness that is unheard of today. I could never put into words my gratitude to Dr. Collini and his wonderful staff! They have changed my life!!!! I will continue to have plastic surgery to maintain my looks. Some call it vanity I say to them… why settle?? If you had the opportunity to improve anything in your life, would you do it? YES! So do it, even if it’s improving your looks.  I would NEVER go anywhere else. I am not getting paid for this; I just want to share my thoughts and feelings. Screen-Shot-2014-09-19-at-2.06.25-PM-compressor

     I have attached a picture of me taken June 7, 2014 (43 years old). My husband took me to Texas to see George Straight’s final concert ever!  It was 95 degrees and we were tailgating. I am not made up in any way. I am standing in front of AT&T Stadium holding the concert tickets in my hand. Several weeks later my husband read about a contest for the TV show “Fast n Loud”. They wanted real people wearing their clothes for their merchandise catalog. I was wearing a Gas Monkey tank top at the concert and my husband encouraged me to submit a picture! There were hundreds of photos submitted; many I thought were more beautiful than me! Approximately 3 weeks later they choose ME!!!! I was amazed and the first thing I said was “Dang that’s Dr. Collini for ya!!”

Sherri Petrill

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