Dear Dr. Collini,

It’s been a while!!!  Whadda ya know…I get new boobs and disappear off the face of the planet! Well, not really…just out and about showing them off all the time.

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how WONDERFUL they turned out.  Seriously, I have been on support message boards for months and have seen thousands of pics of bruising, swelling, high ridges, bad scars, bloating, weight gain, etc and was prepared for all of it.  HOWEVER, other than a VERY LITTLE bit of swelling from day 4 pics and week 1 pics, they look exactly like they did when I left your office May 16th.

The results are stupendous, the healing was quick, easy and almost painless (after day 3) and I am back to EVERYTHING full speed ahead with no complications!

Actually, I just started laying on my stomach comfortably this past weekend (hard surfaces too…tanning, you know?).

I have gotten compliments galore and surprisingly enough from the biggest critic, my husband.  He just can’t get over how “perfect” they are and what an awesome job you did. He looks at boobs completely different now and critiques EVERYONE!  Who knows, maybe I just had the right genetics to take so kindly to the surgery, but all the “diary” pics I show everyone from before to current remark, “how does someone get perfect breasts?” My answer, “by visiting Dr. Francis J. Collini”.

Seriously, they are spectacular, I haven’t heard anything other than “perfection” comments about them and I myself can’t take my own eyes off them!

During the first visit, I was concerned about the right one being bigger and 2cm lower than the left, but you so can’t tell anymore!  Also, the silicone is AMAZING!!!!  You can’t even feel them in there.

But you know all this…I’m just amazed and SUPER DOOPER pleased and wanted to make sure you knew it.

I’ll be in for my 3 month PO visit next month…I can’t wait for you to see your work of perfection!  Thanks again for changing my life!

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