Two Girlfriends Get Real About…The Secret Men Won’t Reveal

Dear 2GGR

I am writing about my son, and it’s a very delicate topic. He is 19, and he refuses to take off his shirt, go swimming, or do anything that might expose his chest. Why? Because he has enlarged breasts. Is there help? Worried Mom


Dear Worried, This is a problem called gynecomastia, and we are seeing more and more of it in young people. We’re not sure why, but it happens to many men. And we have to warn you that men can get breast cancer, so please make sure you have that checked out first. But yes! There is help. Enlarged breasts on men can be corrected surgically by either a plastic surgeon or a general surgeon. Usually the procedure is considered to be cosmetic surgery, and most of the time it is NOT covered by insurance. But the results are very good—especially if you have a wonderful surgeon, even though being bare-chested on the cover of GQ won’t be an option.


Let’s talk turkey. This young man’s self-confidence has to be in the toilet. How is he with girls? OMG, I can only imagine. Pretty soon he’ll be wearing a man-sierre. He’s going to end up a 40 year-old virgin living in your basement if you don’t do something. So what if it’s true insurance won’t cover it? So it’s going to cost you? It’s worth it!!! Apply for a new credit card, sell the kid’s ATV, get rid of those Hummels in the china closet, but come up with the money. (Seriously, most practices offer financing). This is not “elective” surgery; this is emergency surgery. Get a consultation with a plastic surgeon today!

The 2GGR summary for Gynecomastia Repair:

Down time: Desk job…return to work in three days; physical job…maybe rest up for two weeks. Some activities will be limited for a month.
Longevity: Breast reduction for men, and women, lasts a lifetime.
Affordability: You’ve got to bite the bullet; it’s not cheap. But it’s not crazy expensive either; it’s about as much as a 10-year-old pickup truck in great condition.
Wow Factor: Results are terrific…not perfect…but so good a guy can get on a surfboard without worry.

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