Two Girlfriends Get Real About…What The Nose Knows

Dear 2GGR:

I just got engaged, and my fiance’ loves me just the way I am…but I don’t. I inherited my father’s classic Roman nose. I know I’m supposed to embrace my heritage. But my brothers teased me about my big nose; the kids in school called me ‘The Beak,’ and I have always felt like a freak. I can’t bear the thought of having my wedding pictures taken. I want a nose job. Am I crazy? Schnoz in Shavertown

SAM: Dear Schnoz:

Bravo to your fiance’ for loving you the way you are. Every woman deserves a husband who loves her for who she is, not how she looks. That being said, no, you are not crazy for contemplating surgery. Rhinoplasty is a common procedure that can be performed by a plastic surgeon or an ENT doctor to correct a nose’s size and shape, and to fix any defects such as a bump, injury, or deviated septum. This procedure can bring balance to your face and stop your nose from dominating your looks. A rhinoplasty is often performed during the teenage years (but after the age of 16) when the resulting boost in self-esteem for a young person can reverse or mitigate emotional damage.   But it is never too late. Within two weeks of surgery, you will look good, and improvement will continue for at least the first six months. So if you want gorgeous wedding photos, schedule your procedure as far in advance of your big day as possible.


Listen up, Schnoz, you are not only NOT crazy, you are not alone in your feelings. I had a friend who refused to be photographed in profile and would shield her face with her hand if someone was looking at her from the side. The truth is, if you feel bad about yourself, it is a 24/7-365-days-a-year hurt…every time you look in the mirror…every time you go out in public. And just because a Roman nose looked fine on your dad, it may not be a good fit for a woman’s smaller boned, delicate face. Bottom line: it’s your body, and your decision. If your husband-to-be loves you with a big nose, his feelings won’t change if you have a smaller one, but yours will– about yourself. Get your nose job and let your wedding be a day when you not only look like a fairytale princess, but feel like one too.

The 2GGR summary for a rhinoplasty:

Down time: A week before you can venture out of the house (you have to wear a gauze mustache to catch drips!); a good two weeks before returning to work.

Longevity: A nose job is forever.

Affordability: Like any surgery, a rhinoplasty is pricey, but it’s worth saving for…or replacing a honeymoon on Italy’s Amalfi Coast with one at the Jersey Shore.

Wow Factor: Sometimes life-changing.

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