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Body / Arm Rejuvenation

What is arm rejuvenation?

Patients who have issues with fat accumulations or generally low-hanging fat in the arm are able to achieve a new look. The arms look better and have improved shape, as the skin is tightened to create a smooth aesthetic look. Bingo or waving arms cease to exist.

Am I a candidate for arm rejuvenation surgery?

You may be considered a good candidate if your answer is yes to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have significant upper arm laxity or hanging skin?
  • Do you feel like your body appears disproportionate, or that your arms appear larger than the rest of your body?
  • Does the appearance of excess skin on your arms remain resistant to diet and exercise?
  • Do you feel that your arms have cellulite?
  • Do you feel that your arms resemble your grandmother’s arms?

What are the results?

The results of arm rejuvenation allow patients to wear sleeveless and or strapless clothing with confidence. The procedure also improves shape and cellulite of the arm.

What can I expect?

The post op period can be challenging regarding lifting and stretching the arms. The tradeoff is an incision that can be hidden in the posterior aspect of the arm. The benefits include narrower and shapelier upper arms.

What are my options?

  • Liposuction
  • Laser
  • Mini Arm Lift
  • Brachioplasty

“As you are aware, I am 55 and in good shape. My arms, however, have bothered me for the past five years. Deciding to have a brachioplasty and liposuction was the BEST decision ever. Between you hiding the scar so well and Derek lasering the scar to almost nothing is fantastic! I am wearing tanks again and sleeveless dresses!!! Thank you! ” Samantha

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