What our clients are saying

Happy Breast Reduction Patient

Dr. Collini and Staff

Thanks so much for a job well done! Words cannot begin to express my happiness with the results of my surgery. A tremendous weight (no pun intended) has been lifted from my mind and body. My back pain and a multitude of other discomforts have been alleviated with this surgery. I can certainly tell you, I never would have thought it would make such a huge difference in my life. Thanks again to all of you for the wonderful care, professionalism and respect with which I was treated!

–From a Breast Reduction patient of Dr. Collini

Thankful Leg Vein/Hair Transplant Patient

Dear Dr. Collini:

One of the best referrals made to me by a physician was to make an appointment with you to take care of spider veins that I had on the back of my leg, due to running. You injected them with saline and they have never come back.

This introduction has started a relationship that, for me, has been very fulfilling. The surgical procedures that you have performed on me over the past ten years have improved my quality of life by making me feel much better about myself.

I don’t believe I have the proper words to express my sincere gratitude, except, once again, to say thank you for a job well done.

–From a hair transplant/leg vein patient of Dr. Collini

Heartfelt Thanks

Dr. Collini, I wish to express my sincere thanks to you for caring for *** as a man under your care who is very vulnerable and worried about getting better and home.

Your kindness and compassion in listening to his concerns deserves special acknowledgment.

I have been in health care for almost 40 years and it is wonderful to meet a man and surgeon such as yourself. My heartfelt thanks on behalf of your care.

May God Bless you and yours.

Heartfelt Thanks

Dr. Collini, I wish to express my sincere thanks to you for caring for *** as a man under your care who is very vulnerable and worried about getting better and home.

Your kindness and compassion in listening to his concerns deserves special acknowledgment.

I have been in health care for almost 40 years and it is wonderful to meet a man and surgeon such as yourself. My heartfelt thanks on behalf of your care.

May God Bless you and yours.

Night And Day Breast Reduction Results

Dear Dr. Collini,

I would like to start by saying Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! Who would have realized that carrying that small amount of weight would wreak so much havoc on my whole being. And, when you told me there would be a night and day sensation right after the procedure, I am sorry, I doubted you a bit on that one. But, it is so true. The first thing I noticed was my right shoulder pain was completely gone. there was no longer a pull on the right side of my neck. I did not feel that my upper spine was being compressed, and I do not miss the feeling like I would snap in half by the middle of my day. I had that back pain for so long, I did not realize I had become literally miserable. I looked miserable. I was so depressed all the time.

Now! I feel wonderful! You have given me my life back! Everyone can not get over the change that this has made for me. Within the first five minutes back at the office, my department head noticed my posture, first off! I stand better, I feel better. This was the best decision ever!

Thanks again for being there.

–Actual letter given to Dr. Collini from one of his Breast Reduction patients.

9 Year Old With Ear Laceration

Dear Dr. Collini, Thank you for fixing up my ear and for staying after your work hours.

–From a 9 year old patient with ear laceration

Excellent / Big Life Changes

Dr. Collini and Staff, I just wanted to say thank you for all the surgery you have done for me. You have changed my life in such a Big Way! Excellent work! Ill be seeing you in the future! Could be scary!

Thanks Again!

Community Cares For Kids Client

Dr. Francis Collini and Susan Collini

Community Cares for Kids Many Thanks for all you’ve done not just to me but to all the kids and the “kids at heart” (like me!) that you have helped and supported. YESTERDAY, TODAY and I’m sure there’ll be more to come in the future.

Your works and mission in life are truly inspiring, and I’m very much honored and happy to be one of the people you have helped.

Dr. Collini, I want you to know that I thank God for giving you to me as my plastic surgeon. You are such a good man and a VERY TALENTED ONE. YOU’RE THE BEST EVER!!!!! (I mean, look at me, I’m a work of art and expertise.)

Client Gets New Chapter

Dear Dr. Collini:

There are so many things I wanna say but words are just not enough to express my gratitude for what you have done in my life…for the BIG CHANGE you have put in my life. It’s like I’m starting a new chapter in my life. You have made it even more beautiful and meaningful and you have shown me what true beauty is all about: It’s in the HEART. I’m very much overwhelmed by your goodness to me and I can’t thank you enough. I truly believe that this is a start of a new life for me and you have played a big part of it. You have put into my heart the hope of a bright futures, the hope of more opportunities coming my way.

You are one of the best blessings that God has ever bestowed upon me and I thank God for that. Dr. Collini, continue the good work! God will bless you and your family a thousandfold.

Thank you once again.

Appreciative Fingertip Procedure

Dear Dr. Collini:

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me. You made me feel like you really cared about what happened to me, unlike the previous doctors I’d seen for my injury. Not only did you save my fingertips, but it’s pretty, too! You did an amazing job and I’m forever grateful to you. God I wish I knew more doctors like you. You mad me laugh when I wanted to cry. Every time I look at my middle finger I’ll think of you, but in a good way!!

Thanks Again

P.S. Your staff is wonderful.

Incredible Cosmetic Surgery

Dear Dr. Collini:

Thank you so very much. I’ve never been happier with a cosmetic surgery and the personalized care I received post surgery. I will never go anywhere else in the future. The surgery, the consult, the very attentive staff and my stay after the procedure was incredible.

I’m already planning my next procedure.

2 Year Life Saving Journey

Dear Dr. Collini:

It’s been 2 1/2 years since you (Dr. Collini) performed the surgeries on me in a two year span. I believe it took me about two years to fully recover and get back to my old self.

You truly are my “Angel on Earth,” as I would not be alive if not for your stepping in on a surgery to save me when I was so near to death. I am so appreciative — you will never know how deeply. Operating on me nearly every other week for 2 years showed me the compassion and dedication you have not only for your profession, but for humanity as well.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating me as (if) I was “Special” – a compassionate act of kindness I believe you have for all of your patients.

May God continue to Bless You (and your family) with all of his Glorious Gifts, as I can not think of another person – doctor – man who deserves it more than you.

Client Has New Journey

Dear Dr. Collini:

Two years ago, I was in Pennsylvania for my surgery. I traveled a thousand miles to claim an amazing gift God has bestowed upon me. And it was the start of a new journey he has set before me. And I have you to thank, for sharing your talent, precious time and friendship. I will be forever grateful for what you did for me. Even now, I still can’t believe my bump is gone!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you the beauty of the Island of Salpan. I remember that you and Susan are certified divers, so I hope both of you will enjoy watching the video. This video was made by Mike Tripp, he used to work as a pharmacist at the pharmacy that I am working now. If you see a bald guy in the video, he’s my boss. He He He!! They used to go diving together.

Thank you once again and enjoy!!

God Bless

Blessed Foot Saving Procedure

Dear Dr. Collini:

When I first came to see you (Dr. Collini) I was in danger of losing my foot. Now only 9 weeks later I am almost completely healed. Your skilled hands saved my foot. May God bless you, your staff and your family.

Thanks for the great job you do.

Mental & Physical Relief

Dr. and Mrs. Collini are truly “life savers” both mentally and physically to all who enter your office!

Thank you for waiting for this payment. ___ has a workman’s comp case in the works and she is now back to work and going to school for nursing!

We love you all!

Life Saving Thanks

Dear Staff at Dr. Collini’s
Thank you so much for all your help to ___ during her numerous visits!
You saved her life! You’re a great team.

Mrs. Collini:

Thank you for all your kind and comforting words when I was upset! You and Dr. Collini are a dream team!!

“Some warm the heart with a human touch. You have all these gifts…”

Thank you so much.

Love Always,

Comforted Client

Dear Dr. Collini:

You saved me and took action when no one else would. You are truly brilliant and absolutely amazing at what you do!

“Some impart wisdom or comfort and care. Some point out the path, and some take you there.”


Thankful Client

Fantastic Breast Reduction

Dear Dr. Collini:

I don’t know if you remember me but you gave me a breast reduction in April of 2012. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the results! I love them! I just ran 3 miles yesterday without any bounce or discomfort! It was an amazing feeling! It’s so much easier to ride horses and jump because of the surgery. And now I can sleep on my stomach without any discomfort! It’s been a long time since they’ve been C’s, I think the last time I (had) them that size was when I was 14!

So thank you yet again! I am very pleased with them! I have kept healing very well and have had no complications or infection. I love them! I can’t fully express my gratitude. I will definitely recommend you in the future. Thanks again for doing such a fantastic job!

Life Changing Results

Dear Dr. Collini and Susan Collini:

Hi! I wanted you to know how much you’ve changed my life.

I was feeling pretty old and depressed. In my business it’s all about youth and beauty. Since my surgery I look much younger and prettier.

I go to several magic-related conventions. When I was younger…when I entered the room heads would turn…people wanted my autograph and lined up to get their picture taken with me. That’s all true again. Thank you So Much!

It feels good to count again.

P.S. I think the best comment I got was from a friend I’ve known for twenty years. He said “ You look amazing.”

Appreciative Mole Removal

Dear Dr. Collini:

“With special thanks and appreciation for everything.” I would like to thank you again for removing my mole — I know I wasn’t the best patient but I could of never gotten this removed without you. You helped me more than you know financially, and you put me at ease — I can never thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. You truly are an asset to the medical field. You have a wonderful, kind, caring and compassionate mannerism about you.

Also my scar healed beautiful, everyone that sees it can barely remember I have a mole. Thank you and God bless you always.

12-year-old Otoplasty Patient

Thank you for doing the surgery on my ears and for the pink bandages. Everyone really liked them a lot. Also, thank you for answering all my questions and concerns.

Letter from a 12-year-old Otoplasty Patient

Grateful Return Client

I have had several procedures done by Dr. Collini and his staff. Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast implants, ear tucked back and some other smaller surgeries. I also get Botox and filler as needed. I am currently scheduled to have my upper eyelids done as well.BrdWDIXCcAALOlt-compressor

People often judge those who choose to have plastic surgery in a negative way. In the beginning, I hid the fact that I have had “work done” now I am open about it. People are going to judge no matter what. Fact is people will also judge you on your looks! Of course no one will admit to it but I know first-hand. What I would really like to talk about is how plastic surgery has impacted my life. I am more confident, I love my picture being taken, I rock a bikini, love dressing up in form fitting clothes!!! Those who judge don’t understand how low self-esteem affects a person’s life.

All due to having plastic surgery I have improved my life style! I was overweighting not due to my eating habits but due to medication side effects. I tried every diet and starving myself nothing worked. After I decided to go off my medications for anxiety and depression, I had a tummy tuck and liposuction. Results were amazing I went from a size 14 to 8. Almost 5 years later I am a size 4-6 depending how clothes are made. YES!!!! I continue to look better and better every day. Again the better you feel about yourself the more positive choices you will make.

At 43 years old I look better than I did when I was 30 years old!!! I have NEVER had any complications or infections, and every surgery has yielded better results than I ever dreamed of! Dr. Collini and his staff are professionals, who treat you with the upmost respect and kindness that is unheard of today. I could never put into words my gratitude to Dr. Collini and his wonderful staff! They have changed my life!!!! I will continue to have plastic surgery to maintain my looks. Some call it vanity I say to them… why settle?? If you had the opportunity to improve anything in your life, would you do it? YES! So do it, even if it’s improving your looks. I would NEVER go anywhere else. I am not getting paid for this; I just want to share my thoughts and feelings. Screen-Shot-2014-09-19-at-2.06.25-PM-compressor

I have attached a picture of me taken June 7, 2014 (43 years old). My husband took me to Texas to see George Straight’s final concert ever! It was 95 degrees and we were tailgating. I am not made up in any way. I am standing in front of AT&T Stadium holding the concert tickets in my hand. Several weeks later my husband read about a contest for the TV show “Fast n Loud”. They wanted real people wearing their clothes for their merchandise catalog. I was wearing a Gas Monkey tank top at the concert and my husband encouraged me to submit a picture! There were hundreds of photos submitted; many I thought were more beautiful than me! Approximately 3 weeks later they choose ME!!!! I was amazed and the first thing I said was “Dang that’s Dr. Collini for ya!!”


Sherri Petrill

Expert After Weight Loss Results

I don’t think I could ever thank Dr. Collini and his staff enough for all their hard work and dedication.

After a major weight loss of about 85 pounds, I spent thousands of dollars on firming creams, body contouring, wraps, etc. Not only did I waste a lot of money, but a lot of time too. I had an extreme fear of cosmetic surgery scars. I came to Dr. Collini asking him to take care of my loose skin and saggy body but leave behind NO SCARS. He agreed politely to do just as I wished but also assured me that I would not be happy with those results. He gave me a few suggestions on what he can do to make me happy. I went home and spent countless hours researching his suggestions and ideas. I stood in the mirror trying to envision how my new body would look. I became very excited and scheduled my Tummy Tuck, Thighplasty, Brachioplasty, breast implants and fat transfer to cheeks. (By the way, Dr. Collini only suggested Tummy Tuck and Brachioplasty procedures, I included the rest.) I also get Botox and Sclerotherapy frequently. I must admit that I can’t believe I feared the scars at one point. I would rather look at my “Hard Earned Scars” than loose skin any day. Which by the way, my scars are fading nicely and soon will be unnoticeable. I am a 35 year old mother of three boys. I have struggled with weight all my life and I never had that “Dream Body”. Thanks to my hard work with my weight loss and Dr Collini’s “Expertise” I now have that “Dream Body”!

Kelly Titus

I was referred to Dr. Collini when I chose to do a double mastectomy after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2014. Dr. Collini squeezed me in so I could have a consultation right away. From my first appointment I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Collini and his staff took great care of me in every step of my reconstruction. I had 3 surgeries with Dr. Collini and he was on time with every one of them. It’s now a year later and I am thrilled with my results! Every doctor that has seen me after my reconstruction always says that my plastic surgeon has done an amazing job. I highly recommend Dr. Collini. He goes above and beyond for all of his patients.
–Thank you so much!!

Nanci DeSousa

Thankful Neck Sculpting Patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Collini’s for many years. It was so exciting when he offered to perform a neck sculpting procedure on me. My neck certainly shouted out to the world that I was aging… and not very gracefully at that!

The procedure was everything Dr. Collini said it would be… an in and out surgical procedure with minimal discomfort and great results! I am entirely thrilled with my new neck… it has taken 10 years off my appearance! It is wonderful to have such a talented and personable surgeon available to keep me looking my best.

Barb Myers

Just wanted to let y’all know, just turned 45 and our 19th wedding anniversary and I am still rocking the bikini! We were on the river ALL DAY! So I’m a hot mess here but look at those legs!! 😉

Sorry had to share!! Hugs and kisses to y’all! See ya in September for my botox!!

Y’all are the BEST!!

Sherri P.

Love from Precious

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me…to heal!! What you did was above and beyond your type of practice. I now can enjoy my family!! I guess I was your first…I will recommend you to all of my friends.


Precious *A dog with a major skin wound who Dr. Collini helped to manage*

Life changing help!

Dear Dr. Collini,
Thank you for saving my arm. You are very, very good at what you do. You are amazing!

Betty H

Hand injury repaired

Dear Dr Collini,

Like so many of your forever grateful patients, I’d like you to know that while I don’t see you often, I think of you often with fond gratitude for the extraordinary care and attention you lavished on me after I broke a metacarpal bone in my left hand. Thank you again.

Peace and best wishes,

Bernard W

I could not be happier with the results and attention I received from Dr. Collini and his staff. He is a true doctor in the sense that he makes you feel like you are his only patient and primary concern. He played a big part in making one of the most terrifying moments in my life more bearable and I could not be more grateful and will be forever thankful.


Nicole M
Barely any scars!Dr. Collini,Last year, on Saturday, March 19th, I was in a hurry and rushing around.  I quickly pulled down the back gate door of my SUV.  I severely cut my forehead and removed part of the cartilage in my nose.  My wife took me to the emergency room to stop the bleeding.  After a few hours, my wife asked for a plastic surgeon.  You were willing to see me on a Saturday afternoon after your conference.  I want to thank you for seeing me on the Saturday and operating on my face.  God Bless You for helping me.  I will always be grateful to you!  My friends and family have told me that they barely see scars anymore.  Thank you so much for helping me.Sincerely,
Jeff S.

Tremendous help!

Dr. Collini,

Words cannot describe how thankful I am that you were on call the night of my accident.  I thank you and your staff for doing everything possible to help heal the scars on my face and for being so understanding and caring throughout the whole process.  I’m truly grateful for everything you and your staff have done for me.

Thank you again,

Lizzy L

I Feel Like Myself Again…

Dr. Collini,Thank you for everything you’ve done.  Everything is healing very nicely and I’m starting to look like myself again.  Without you and the care and time you took to repair my injuries, I honestly believe I would not have healed so well.Thank you also for going above and beyond your duties as a doctor and taking time out of your day to write a letter to provide to my insurer.  I really appreciate it!
Joe S

Many Many Thanks!

Dear Dr. Collini,

Please accept my sincerest thanks for your professional care and surgical skills which I received from you. I am grateful to all of your professional office staff, who provided me with first-class service. You provide quality care in a clean, comfortable atmosphere.



So confident and happy

Dear Dr. Collini and Susan,

How can I ever begin to thank you for all you have done for me.  You have changed my life dramatically!  I feel so confident and happy now.

You are an amazing Dr and I am so grateful to have you in my like always helping.

May god bless you and your family and keep you safe throughout the holiday season.

(Breast Reduction Patient)

Extreme Gratitude

I wanted to write this letter to you and express the extreme gratitude that I have for you. Without you I more than likely would’ve lost my arm because of negligence showed by my previous doctor.  As you know on the 4th of July a rocket struck me in my left forearm and lodged itself there before exploding.  I went to the hospital for emergency surgery and though I was in good hands.

Until about 2 weeks later when my wound became infected with gangrene, despite the fact I had seen the doctor who treated me the night of the accident twice and another doctor on my third visit to his office because I had been told my original doctor was on vacation for the next 2 weeks.  This 2nd doctor recommended that I be put on antibiotics, but obviously it was too late because the infection had already begun to get worse.

Again if it wasn’t for you coming back to the hospital (even though you had finished your scheduled surgeries for that day) I very well may have suffered even more than I already was.  You have treated me with respect and the utmost understanding during the time we have known each other and you have always been extremely professional.

My family and I can’t possibly thank you enough for helping me.


Dear Dr. Collini,

It’s been a while!!!  Whadda ya know…I get new boobs and disappear off the face of the planet! Well, not really…just out and about showing them off all the time.

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how WONDERFUL they turned out.  Seriously, I have been on support message boards for months and have seen thousands of pics of bruising, swelling, high ridges, bad scars, bloating, weight gain, etc and was prepared for all of it.  HOWEVER, other than a VERY LITTLE bit of swelling from day 4 pics and week 1 pics, they look exactly like they did when I left your office May 16th.

The results are stupendous, the healing was quick, easy and almost painless (after day 3) and I am back to EVERYTHING full speed ahead with no complications!

Actually, I just started laying on my stomach comfortably this past weekend (hard surfaces too…tanning, you know?).

I have gotten compliments galore and surprisingly enough from the biggest critic, my husband.  He just can’t get over how “perfect” they are and what an awesome job you did. He looks at boobs completely different now and critiques EVERYONE!  Who knows, maybe I just had the right genetics to take so kindly to the surgery, but all the “diary” pics I show everyone from before to current remark, “how does someone get perfect breasts?” My answer, “by visiting Dr. Francis J. Collini”.

Seriously, they are spectacular, I haven’t heard anything other than “perfection” comments about them and I myself can’t take my own eyes off them!

During the first visit, I was concerned about the right one being bigger and 2cm lower than the left, but you so can’t tell anymore!  Also, the silicone is AMAZING!!!!  You can’t even feel them in there.

But you know all this…I’m just amazed and SUPER DOOPER pleased and wanted to make sure you knew it.

I’ll be in for my 3 month PO visit next month…I can’t wait for you to see your work of perfection!  Thanks again for changing my life!

One of my heroes…

Dear Dr. Collini,

Pure and simple- thanks. There are no words to express my gratitude. I knew I was in “good hands.” Bless you and may you be in “good hands” to continue to make a difference. You will always be one of my heroes. I will never forget.

(face reconstruction (post cancerous mass removal) patient)

Dear Dr. Collini,

This is ***’s mother. I just wanted to thank you for saving my son’s leg. You did such a fine job. *** thanks you too, without you, who knows what the outcome would have been. Thank you for his life back.

Life Changing Rhinoplasty

Dear Dr. Collini,

I was a patient of yours back in April where I received a rhinoplasty. It was something that I’ve wanted for years and finally at the age of 17 my parents allowed me to get the surgery. I cannot express to you how thankful I am that you made me a perfect nose. I would do it again in a heartbeat and believe that it is the best decision that I’ve made. This is shallow to say but I never knew that getting my nose done would make my confidence go up so much.

I am looking at my old Facebook photos and comparing my nose and I just cannot get over how much of a difference it makes. I feel so much better about my self. I am no longer hiding from pictures but jumping right in them with my friends. I really never imagined how much this surgery would raise my self-esteem. I feel confident and am in love with my nose. All of my friends always tell me that I have the most perfect nose that they have ever seen, and I thank you for that. They all ask me who my doctor was and of course I tell them to go to you. Two of my new friends at college had got nose jobs before I met them and looking at the before and after theirs are very bad. My one friend paid 15,000 for it and hates its, and she is too scared to get it redone. And my other friend paid 10,000 and it does not look right on her at all. What I am trying to say is that you made my nose better than anyone I no and at a really good price. I cannot thank you enough Dr. Collini.

Every day I look in the mirror and am happy with how I look and it is all because of you. A lot of people thought that my decision to get my nose done was stupid because it is a shallow thing to do. I disagree with them because if it makes you feel better about your self why not do it, you only get once chance to live and you might as well make your self the happiest you can be. I thank my parents all the time for paying for it. Even though I got a very good deal it was still a lot of money for my parents to pay, and I am grateful that they did. I always thank my father for paying for the surgery and he always replays that it was a lot of money but it was spent for a very good reason.

Dr. Collini thank you so much, you changed my life. I feel so much better about myself because of you. You are an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. You help kids in underprivileged countries with surgeries that they need and I hope to follow in your footsteps as a doctor one day. I can’t express how much a simple surgery changed my life and how grateful I am that you made my nose perfect. Thank you Dr. Collini!!!!!


Dr Collini,

Just a note to thank you and your staff for the excellent care I received during my surgery and recovery. You are THE BEST. Thanks again and Best Wishes.

Being on the receiving end of thoughtfulness always warms that heart in a special way, but there’s something extra special about it when it’s done by someone as nice as you.

Making Turning 50 Much More Tolerable

Dr. Collini,

Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did with my surgeries! You are truly talented and I’m proud to show everyone your work! Ha! I know having an indecisive, nervous-wreck patient like me is never easy. I’m thrilled with the outcome and don’t mind getting older now that I know where to go to reverse it 🙂 Thanks again for the beautiful work and making my 50th much more tolerable.

Mary P

Helping my Son

Thank you so much for helping my son the other day in the hospital, W-B General Hospital. He had NO insurance, his name is Michael C. I want to thank you for your kindness so much.
Susan H.

I love my new nose and new life

Dear Dr. Collini,

It has been a year since I made the life changing decision to get my nose fixed. I can honestly say it has been the best decision I ever made in my life and wish I got my nose fixed sooner. I was so scared of the criticism, the pain and looking completely different after the surgery. But you were able to give me my true nose I should have been born with. The people who know about my surgery are in positive shock at how amazing and natural my new facial profile is. I spent my entire childhood and teenage years embarrassed and criticized by the bump in my nose. I hated my side profile and avoided any pictures of my side profile. I had little confidence in my appearance because of the bump on my nose which affected my personal, professional and social life. I always thought my bumpy nose was the first thing that people noticed about me. I was very self conscious and felt unattractive. Now, I have so much confidence in my personal, professional and social life. I no longer fear people judging my looks based off a bumpy nose.

Not only did my nose change for the better aesthetically, but also improved my physical health. I used to suffer from severe migraines for years. I used to have to leave school and work early because of the migraines and would have to lie in bed, in the dark for hours suffering. I have not had one migraine since I got my nose fixed. I used to get reoccurring sinus infections; since I got my nose fixed I have not had one sinus infection. The skin around the bump on my nose would randomly turn red and swell up. I could not stand someone touching my nose because of an uncomfortable sensation occurring whenever someone would be doing my makeup or rest their hand on my nose when waxing my eyebrows. Since I got my nose fixed my skin no longer turns red, swells or feels uncomfortable when someone touches it.

Your team made me feel comfortable and safe before, during and after the surgery. Any fears I had before or after the surgery, your nurses squashed and reassured me that I was in good hands. Their positive attitudes made me feel excited for the procedure and excited to take the bandages off.

The rhinoplasty improved the shape and function of my nose; overall the rhinoplasty improved my day to day life. I love my new nose and new life. I would highly recommend your services to anyone and everyone. I have been encouraging friends and family who have insecurities that can be easily fixed by your services to take the step. Thank you for your work. I am thankful to now have my natural nose all thanks to you, Dr. Collini.


Leah P.

Perfect Nose

Dear Dr. Collini,

Thank you so much for giving me a perfect nose. You and your staff treated me with the utmost care before and after my surgery.

Amber P.
Saved my thumb and Life! Thanks for saving my thumb, but most importantly, thanks for saving my life!
Melanoma Patient

Dr. Collini,

There are no words to express my thanks and gratitude for everything you have done for me…but I’ll give it a shot…

When I decided to move forward with my procedures, I made quite a few people angry. Silly, I know. But what most others don’t realize is that a cosmetic procedure isn’t always about “vanity” or something to be ashamed of.  Sometimes a person can choose to alter their perceived imperfections for some reason those people might not understand.

When I came in for my consultation, it was such a relief to see your non-judgemental and uplifting reaction of “lets do it!” You said those words. Every time we met and spoke, no matter what the circumstances were at the time, you were ALWAYS in a positive and friendly mood. This stuff is scary, but you made it OK. I felt like I had someone’s approval, and that meant a lot. It gave me the courage to “fix” myself. But you not only fixed my imperfections, you fixed, and finally put to rest, my insecurities, my fears and my tears.

You are an incredibly talented surgeon, but it goes beyond that. You were selfless with you time. Your bedside manner and positivity are qualities that all surgeons and medical practitioners should possess…but do not. You are also blessed to have a wonderful and caring staff.

Rest assured that you will always come highly recommended by me to anyone on their journey to better themselves, and I am VERY thankful for all the peace that you brought to me.

I’ll be seeing you, without shame, in the future!


You helped us out so much when we were in a total panic!Thank you SO much for your help when our Patrick fell! We are so appreciative to you for everything! You helped us out so much when we were in a total panic! We are so grateful to you! Have a wonderful holiday.Love,
Brian, Mary, Kate and Patrick

Thank you for the great surgery you did on me on Dec 18, 2018. I fell, went to the ER – WB General Hospital. My lip was not taken care of the right way because the PA was not a plastic surgeon.

Today I have a very very small scar thanks to you!


Dr Collini,

Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did with my surgeries! You are truly talented and I’m proud to show everyone your work! Ha! I know having an indecisive, nervous wreck patient like me is never easy. I’m thrilled with the outcome and don’t mind getting older now that I know where to go to reverse it! Thanks again for the beautiful work and for making my 50th much more tolerable.


Thank you for your help throughout my surgeries. Your hands on approach made the process so much easier and it was comforting knowing I could pick up the phone and text you if I was worried or had a question. Thank you also for allowing me to be the patient with the most choices for breast implants! Ha Ha! I really appreciate everything. Thanks for being there.

“Dr. Collini is a doctor not only would I recommend but one of the best surgeon I have had in my life. I have had several surgeries by Dr. Collini that have resulted in impeccable results. He is a doctor that cares about you just not as a patient but as a person. His facility is very clean. The staff was friendly and worked well with me in all applications of my visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Collini.”

Cliff Jeremiah

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