No one who has not experienced having very large breasts can truly understand—the discomfort and pain, the clothes that never fit right, the sports and leisure-time activities you just can’t do, the stares and the cruel remarks. But the wonderful thing is, a surgery lasting just a few hours can change your life forever and take away…

  • Large, drooping breasts so heavy that they cause back pain, neck pain, rounded shoulders, shoulder strain, stooped posture, or even a humped back.
  • Embarrassment at removing your clothes in front of others or appearing in a bathing suit.
  • Self-consciousness about going anywhere because people stare, men make crude remarks, and you’ve been teased and made fun of.
  • Unhappiness that your breasts dominate your body, limit your choice of clothing, and are the characteristic that people notice first and remember longest instead of your beautiful eyes, lovely smile, sense of humor, or bright intelligence.
  • Choosing breast reduction surgery can be dramatically life-changing.  It gives you smaller, firmer, and beautifully-shaped breasts. It can free you from the physical pain and medical problems caused by overly large breasts as well as remove the emotional pain that comes from being singled out and treated differently because of the way you look.

The procedure itself provides immediate results. It involves removing excess breast tissue and skin, reducing and reshaping the breast, and relocating the nipple-areola complex into a natural position.  The procedure does leave visible scars, but women who have had the surgery are happy to exchange their cumbersome, heavy breasts for smaller, well-shaped, beautifully-contoured breasts which have some scars (which almost always fade over time).  The procedure only takes two to three hours to perform, but the result is a dramatic, lifelong transformation of the way a woman looks…and the way she feels about herself and her choices in life. In fact, breast reduction patients are perhaps the most satisfied of all plastic surgery patients.

To visualize how a breast reduction would change the way you look, scroll through the Before and After pictures below.  Try to identify a Before photo that most closely resembles the shape and size of your breasts.

To learn the facts about breast reduction surgery, the safety of the procedure and the possible complications—and what makes Dr. Collini’s approach one that creates a beautiful outcome to help ensure you will be thrilled with your results, please click here

Breast reduction surgery or a reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast fat, tissue, and skin to reduce overly large breasts and make them proportional with the rest of a woman’s body. Breast reduction will alleviate the discomfort, self-consciousness, and medical issues that overly large breasts can cause.
A breast reduction will not only reduce the volume of the breasts, but also changes the configuration of the breasts, reduces the size of the areola and lifts them.

Ready for the next step?  At the Renaissance Center Dr. Collini will discuss a breast reduction with you, listen to your goals and expectations, and customize a plan for you.  Just call the office at 570-674-6525 to make an appointment for a consultation.

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