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What is Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to improve the shape, form, and function of the nose. It addresses aesthetic imbalances such as a nose that is too large for the face, a “bump” on the nose, a nose or nostrils that appear too wide, or a nose tip that lacks projection or droops. A rhinoplasty may be combined with a procedure known as a septoplasty.

What is Septoplasty?

A septoplasty is a functional procedure performed to improve nasal breathing. The septum Is the tissue that separates the nostrils which contain cartilage. If any damage has occurred to the cartilage, a person will experience obstructed breathing. A septoplasty will correct this condition, but it will not change the shape of the nose, nor will it eliminate snoring.

Am I a candidate for a rhinoplasty?

You may be considered a good candidate if your answer is yes to any of the following questions:

  • Are you self-conscious about your nose and feel unattractive because of it?
  • Do you avoid being seen or photographed in profile?
  • Does your nose label you with an ethnic identity (which may or may not be your actual heritage)?
  • Are you a mature person with a clear idea of what you’d liked changed about your nose?
  • Do you feel that a rhinoplasty will enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem?
  • When you are at a stop light, do you creep forward to avoid your profile being seen from a parallel car?
  • Do you obsess about your hair style in order to camouflage nose flaws?  Do you spend too much time using camouflage make-up in order to make your nose appear smaller?
  • Do you consistently photoshop your nose?

What are the results?

Dr. Collini assesses each patient and formulates an individualized plan that is surgically sound and achieves the desires and goals of the patient. He strives to produce a natural appearing nasal shape which is in balance with the surrounding facial features. His goal is to avoid the typical “nose job” look. The post-surgical nose should look as if the patient was born with it. Each rhinoplasty is personalized to create a nose that fits a patient’s unique facial features and enhances a patient’s appearance, while taking into account what the patient requests in a desired outcome. It is important to understand that there is no such thing as a “perfect nose” which can be reproduced on each patient.

What can I expect?

The operation usually takes 1½ – 2  hours to perform from start to finish.  You will go home shortly afterward.

After the procedure, you will have some swelling and/or bruising. Bruising usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks but may take longer to disappear, especially in older patients. Dr. Collini also has some patients take vitamin C (1000 mg a day) for three weeks after surgery to help with healing. Topical Vitamin K cream is also recommended and can accelerate the healing of bruising by half if used twice daily.

Nasal packing is NOT used. A small paper nasal splint is applied on top of the nose and this is removed 6 days after the surgery. If a septoplasty is performed, a nasal sponge or tampon (NOT the old-fashioned nasal packing) is placed in each nostril to prevent postoperative nasal bleeding. This is also removed 6 days after surgery.

Sometimes the tip of the nose remains numb, tight and swollen for several months. This is more of a nuisance than an actual medical problem. The nose smooths out and softens over time, and the numbness will go away. This is the normal healing process and always settles over time.

Dr. Collini performs a “closed” rhinoplasty technique in 90% of patients. The incision scar is located inside the nose and is not visible. If an “open” approach is necessary, the incision is placed in the column of skin between the nostrils. The scar typically heals so well that it is not visible to a casual observer. This is discussed in detail before surgery so you will know which incision you will get.

What are my options?

  • A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed to improve appearance.
  • A septoplasty is a functional procedure performed to improve nasal breathing. When the two operations are performed together, it is a called septo-rhinoplasty.

The septum is the tissue that separates the nostrils. Inside the septum is cartilage. If the cartilage is twisted, misshapen, or broken either at birth or by trauma later in life, it can veer off to one side and obstruct nasal breathing. A septoplasty will correct this condition, but it will NOT change the shape of the nose nor will it eliminate snoring. A rhinoplasty is NOT covered by insurance, but most insurance companies will cover the cost of the septoplasty. For every woman or man, this important decision is a highly personal one—and one that many family members or friends might not support. But the choices you make about your appearance are your choices and yours alone. Looking in the mirror can once again be positive…. Making the decision for change is easier than you think! In our opinion, Rhinoplasty is truly life changing. Your nose is the center of your face and will change your look….for the better!

“Hello, let me start by saying how thankful I am to Dr. and Mrs. Collini. My daughter had a rhinoplasty procedure done and I was completely impressed with the results. The team was supportive and professional and exceeded our expectations. The results were almost instantaneous, her swelling and bruising were minimal at its worst. Susan Collini made us feel comfortable with each interaction we had with her. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone! I love the family dynamic that they bring to the table!!!”

“Susan, I don’t even know how to thank you and Dr. Collini for what you did for my son. We are all so thrilled with the outstanding work Dr. Collini did on his nose. I cannot believe what a huge difference a few subtle improvements (but labor intensive for Dr. C) did for Connor’s aesthetic image and confidence (which will only get stronger with more healing). We will be forever grateful to Dr. Collini, you, and your AMAZING team/family. Connor has been smiling from ear to ear since we left your office…it brings tears to my eyes. Have a very Merry Christmas…Love you all”

Dear Dr. Collini, It has been a year since I made the life changing decision to get my nose fixed. I can honestly say it has been the best decision I ever made in my life and wish I got my nose fixed sooner. I was so scared of the criticism, the pain and looking completely different after the surgery. But you were able to give me my true nose I should have been born with. The people who know about my surgery are in positive shock at how amazing and natural my new facial profile is. I spent my entire childhood and teenage years embarrassed and criticized by the bump in my nose. I hated my side profile and avoided any pictures of my side profile. I had little confidence in my appearance because of the bump on my nose which affected my personal, professional and social life. I always thought my bumpy nose was the first thing that people noticed about me. I was very self conscious and felt unattractive. Now, I have so much confidence in my personal, professional and social life. I no longer fear people judging my looks based off a bumpy nose. Not only did my nose change for the better aesthetically, but also improved my physical health. I used to suffer from severe migraines for years. I used to have to leave school and work early because of the migraines and would have to lie in bed, in the dark for hours suffering. I have not had one migraine since I got my nose fixed. I used to get reoccurring sinus infections; since I got my nose fixed I have not had one sinus infection. The skin around the bump on my nose would randomly turn red and swell up. I could not stand someone touching my nose because of an uncomfortable sensation occurring whenever someone would be doing my makeup or rest their hand on my nose when waxing my eyebrows. Since I got my nose fixed my skin no longer turns red, swells or feels uncomfortable when someone touches it. Your team made me feel comfortable and safe before, during and after the surgery. Any fears I had before or after the surgery, your nurses squashed and reassured me that I was in good hands. Their positive attitudes made me feel excited for the procedure and excited to take the bandages off. The rhinoplasty improved the shape and function of my nose; overall the rhinoplasty improved my day to day life. I love my new nose and new life. I would highly recommend your services to anyone and everyone. I have been encouraging friends and family who have insecurities that can be easily fixed by your services to take the step. Thank you for your work. I am thankful to now have my natural nose all thanks to you, Dr. Collini. Sincerely, Leah P.

Dear Dr. Collini, I was a patient of yours back in April where I received a rhinoplasty. It was something that I’ve wanted for years and finally at the age of 17 my parents allowed me to get the surgery. I cannot express to you how thankful I am that you made me a perfect nose. I would do it again in a heartbeat and believe that it is the best decision that I’ve made. This is shallow to say but I never knew that getting my nose done would make my confidence go up so much. I am looking at my old Facebook photos and comparing my nose and I just cannot get over how much of a difference it makes. I feel so much better about my self. I am no longer hiding from pictures but jumping right in them with my friends. I really never imagined how much this surgery would raise my self-esteem. I feel confident and am in love with my nose. All of my friends always tell me that I have the most perfect nose that they have ever seen, and I thank you for that. They all ask me who my doctor was and of course I tell them to go to you. Two of my new friends at college had got nose jobs before I met them and looking at the before and after theirs are very bad. My one friend paid 15,000 for it and hates its, and she is too scared to get it redone. And my other friend paid 10,000 and it does not look right on her at all. What I am trying to say is that you made my nose better than anyone I no and at a really good price. I cannot thank you enough Dr. Collini. Every day I look in the mirror and am happy with how I look and it is all because of you. A lot of people thought that my decision to get my nose done was stupid because it is a shallow thing to do. I disagree with them because if it makes you feel better about your self why not do it, you only get once chance to live and you might as well make your self the happiest you can be. I thank my parents all the time for paying for it. Even though I got a very good deal it was still a lot of money for my parents to pay, and I am grateful that they did. I always thank my father for paying for the surgery and he always replays that it was a lot of money but it was spent for a very good reason. Dr. Collini thank you so much, you changed my life. I feel so much better about myself because of you. You are an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. You help kids in underprivileged countries with surgeries that they need and I hope to follow in your footsteps as a doctor one day. I can’t express how much a simple surgery changed my life and how grateful I am that you made my nose perfect. Thank you Dr. Collini!!!!! Sincerely, xxxxxxxx

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