Two Girlfriends Get Real About… Bigger Or Better Or Both!

Published On: February 1, 2021

Dear 2GGR:

I am 32, have had two children, and my breasts look awful! I am not looking for enhancement as much as I am looking to replace what those children took away. Am I a candidate for breast augmentation? I don’t want people to know or
stare! Help! — Deflated in Dallas


You are a perfect candidate, DD! In fact, breast augmentation is one part of the latest trend called a Mommy Makeover (the other part is a Tummy Tuck.) So what are the facts you need to know? First off breast implants come in many sizes and styles, and you can choose saline or silicone. Your plastic surgeon will discuss these choices with you. The key item to remember is because your breasts have lost volume, you need to fill up that space with a large enough implant. Think of a sock. If I put an egg in the sock, it doesn’t give it much shape. If I put a grapefruit in the sock it gives lift, shape, and fullness. So yes people might notice you are bigger than you used to be. But your breasts will be beautiful, natural looking…and natural feeling too. So my advice is “You, Go Girl!”


You know, DD, sometimes we stand in front of the mirror and cry. For women whose childbearing has left them with “fried eggs on a nail,” the loss of the figure they once had feels unbearable. So I ask you this: if you had a broken front tooth, wouldn’t you repair it? If another part of your anatomy became injured, wouldn’t you fix it? But women fear it’s “vanity” to correct the damage done to their breasts. I say Bullpatties!!! This safe, nearly painless procedure can take away the physical—and psychological damage–almost instantly. And while people WILL notice, here’s what I’ve seen. Most women feel so good about themselves again, they want to show off, not hide, their restored figure. But if discretion is your thing, tell everyone you are taking hormones…or you just found the most wonderful bra…or that they should mind their own beeswax.

The 2GGR summary for breast augmentation:

Down time: Probably a week before returning to work; some activities limited for a month.

Longevity: The jury is still out, but more than a decade and sometimes for a lifetime.

Affordability: Cost varies by region, but maxing out one (or two) credit cards will cover it.

Wow Factor: WOW it is. Fast…and often spectacular results.

*More on Mommy Makeovers next time!

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