Two Girlfriends Get Real About…Flat Belly Facts

Published On: February 1, 2021

Dear 2GGR:

My daughter is one year old. I am actually five pounds thinner than my pre-baby weight, but I now have the “pouchiest” belly where I once had rock hard abs. I keep hearing about a Mommy-Makeover. What is it? Would I benefit from it? Dearest Mommy from Mt. Top

Dear Dearest Mommy:


Mommy Makeovers range from a simple day at the spa or a new wardrobe to plastic surgery intervention. Most often, the term refers to “rejuvenation of the breasts and abdomen” after childbearing. The “pouchy” situation you describe is classic. The fact that you are five pounds thinner and no longer exhibit a “flat profile” indicates that no amount of weight loss or exercise will improve the condition. An abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” procedure surgically tightens the muscles of the lower abdomen and removes the over-stretched skin that remains as a “badge of womanhood.” Another problem caused by childbirth is stretchmarks. You will lose at least some of your stretchmarks with the tummy tuck (but some may remain). There are a few types of abdominoplasties, i.e. “full” or “mini.” Your surgeon will decide which type you need to correct your problem.


Nobody who hasn’t been there can truly understand the emotional pain of feeling bad about the way you look. A flabby belly along with wrinkled or crepe-like skin soon dictates the clothes you choose to wear. You may hide your body, even from your partner, or you might avoid intimacy altogether. Chances are, deep down, you are depressed or angry at having lost “the way you used to be.” You need to know this problem can be fixed. You don’t have to keep suffering. Repairing damage is not vanity. It is common-sense! Will you have a scar? Yes, but it’s hidden. Is there discomfort? Yes, but it quickly passes, and your body, and your spirit, become beautiful again.

The 2GGR summary for an abdominoplasty:

Down time: A good two weeks before returning to work; some activities limited for a month.

Longevity: It’s permanent as long as you maintain your weight. (And you don’t have at tummy tuck until your childbearing is done).

Affordability: Cost varies by region and by the type of procedure (mini or full), but it is a pricey procedure. However, if you need it, it’s worth taking out a loan or maxing out a few credit cards.

Wow Factor: You’ll be wearing a bikini at the beach… no kidding.

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