Two Girlfriends Get Real About…What To Never Ask a Woman

Published On: February 1, 2021

Dear 2GGR:

It’s 2015!! Another year has passed and I’m another year older. But I don’t feel older! And I look much younger than I am (I just passed the big 5-0). When people ask my age, I’m starting to get an attitude. Should I lie? Tell the truth? Not answer? I really need some advice here. – Age is just a number in Forty Fort

SAM: Dear Age is Just a Number:

Unfortunately, “getting younger” isn’t a “New Year’s resolution” option! But seriously…..Remember the photos of your grandparents at 40, 50, 60? Honestly, my grandmother looked the same to me from age 38 – 92! She never changed…house dress, apron, orthopedic shoes, permed hair, etc! Her generation mandated a “certain look” at a “certain age.” As I approach my 60’s, my attitude is “never go down as a sinking ship!” We are definitely living and looking better than EVERY other generation before us. We play by NO rules, NO predetermined notions! Without question, I don’t feel my age! It is about ATTITUDE and commitment. There are so many ways to stay younger and “refreshed;” everything from maintaining a healthy lifestyle to dressing chicly to utilizing the latest skincare products and spa treatments to seeking surgical intervention. It is undoubtedly a “mind set!” I say OWN your age – revel in your wisdom – but keep the twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face (along with a little maintenance) that keeps them ALL guessing!


Deepak Chopra says we have three ages: chronological (referring to our birthdate), biological (the rate of our physical/cellular aging), and psychological (how old we feel). Yet, I hear people say, “I’m 55. I can’t do the things I used to,” “I’m 30, naturally I’ve gained some weight,” or “I’m 40, too old to start over.” I say “Cow patties!” You can choose how you think… how you look…and how old you truly are! A famous guru named Yogananda advised his followers, “Never tell people how old you are.” I’m with him!  Look young… feel young… and live to the max right now!

Charlee’s advice when asked “How old are you?: Respond with, “Old enough to know better” or “Never ask a woman her age or her weight.” If the questioner is so dense, he persists with, “Seriously, how old are you?” Respond firmly: “Seriously, it’s none of your business.”  And it isn’t!

SAM’s advice:

If someone really has the brass b… to ask……… Smile devilishly and reply: How old do you think I am?   Pause for a moment….turn and walk away! Leave them HANGING!!!! A little bit of mystery goes a lot further than AGE!

SAM and Charlee:

Make your New Year’s Resolution to keep a “youthful mind and attitude!” Happy New Year!!!!

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