Two Girlfriends Get Real About…What You Really Want For Christmas

Published On: February 1, 2021

Dear 2GGR:

I have enough “stuff.” I don’t want more “things” for Christmas. I need something to make me feel better about me. I mean, if I don’t feel good about myself, what’s the point? A new sweater isn’t going to help me. I need a real “pick me up.” What can I do? – Needing a Miracle on 34th Street…and in Shavertown

SAM and Charlee (teaming up for this one for some straight talk):

Dear Needing a Miracle,

First you need to make a list and check it twice. When you’re making that list, think about what you secretly are longing for. Maybe it’s a “bucket list” experience such as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or cruising to Hawaii; maybe it’s just getting a massage from head to toe, going up in a hot air balloon, enjoying a day of spa pampering, or hiring a cleaning lady once a week; or maybe it’s getting that Botox and filler you’ve read about, or liposuction, or your eyelids done, or a nose job, or a Mommy makeover…or yes, go ahead and wish aloud, a face lift.

Now, once you made your list, you’ve acknowledged your secret desire, but do you have the nerve to ask for it—or to get it for yourself? Do you find that prospect scary or difficult? Maybe you are not used to taking care of yourself. You take care of everyone else, right! Isn’t it time for you? If not now, when?

But you’re worried about what other people will say—that you’re selfish or vain or you can’t accept what God gave you. That’s pretty common, BTW, especially from “well-meaning” friends. You know what? Whatever you decide—Own it! It’s real, it’s true, it’s what you really want.

Remember, your dreams will stay unfulfilled unless you act on them. This year, don’t settle for a present that you’ll put in a drawer and forget about. This year go after your heart’s desire. It’s a wonderful life—but only if you make it wonderful!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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